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    Pip and Ebby icon
    Pip and Ebby

    Introducing the Pip and Ebby App, from cookbook author and food blogger Megan Porta. Megan has shared easy and delicious recipes on her blog and now she is ready to share those recipes (and so much more!) on the Pip and Ebby app. Whether you are looking for a healthy salad, easy dinner or indulgent dessert, the Pip and Ebby app has g…

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    Off the Block icon
    Off the Block

    Play Off the Block, the deep thinking, strategic color puzzle game! Slide the blocks to match the boxes! Expand and exercise your mind by solving increasingly different puzzles. - Over 250 levels to choose from. - Intuitive swipe controls. - Unique puzzle layout. - Achievements to track your progress. - Soundtrack by ZeroFuser. These puzzles are…

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    Tape it Up! icon
    Tape it Up!

    You have to tape up all these boxes REAL QUICK! Use everything you can think of. No TAPE? Use CATS! No CATS? Use BACON! (Mmm… bacon) Become a TAPE MASTER in this oddly satisfying vertical jumping action scroller! NOTE: You may download and play this game for free, but optional in-game items require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by…

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    Father and Son icon
    Father and Son

    Start an exciting and timeless journey between Naples, Pompeii and Ancient Egypt, spanning different historical periods. The adventure takes off from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, a cultural institution housing some of humanity’s greatest artefacts and treasures. What begins as the story of a son who never knew his father becomes a…

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    Inside Pete PREMIUM icon
    Inside Pete PREMIUM

    You really can polish a turd. Meet Pete, a confused, burnt-out, middle-aged man beyond help. Get inside of Pete and clean him up, because nobody else wants to do it. Conquer a colourful range of organisms in this strategic game with real-time action. Find a balance between building units, battle tactics and resource management. Grow your own powe…

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    Mime & Drink : soirée alcool ! icon
    Mime & Drink : soirée alcool !

    Divisez tous vos invités en deux groupes quel que soit leur nombre, et affrontez-vous sans pitié dans un jeu hilarant et loufoque qui va mettre le feu à votre soirée ! _______________________________________ Avis de presse : Appzoom - 8,8/10 : "Un jeu hilarant, les effets et le design de l'interface sont tout simplement merveilleux" AppAdvice -…

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    SuperStar BTS icon
    SuperStar BTS

    BTS의 리듬게임 슈퍼스타BTS 정식 출시! 세계적인 슈퍼스타 방탄소년단의 리듬게임 '슈퍼스타 BTS' # BTS의 음원 수록 방탄소년단의 최신곡까지~ 다양한 곡을 만나보세요! # BTS의 카드 수집 멤버들의 카드를 수집하고 더 예쁘고 강력한 카드로 업그레이드! 방탄소년단의 사인카드와 프리즘카드 등 다양하고 멋진 카드를 모으세요 # 매주 진행되는 쫄깃쫄깃 주간 리그 주간…

    무료 16.6K 9

    9 사용자
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    Pixel Art - Malen nach Zahlen icon
    Pixel Art - Malen nach Zahlen

    Färbe jede Menge KOSTENLOSE Malen-nach-Zahlen-Kunstwerke in 2D und 3D ein. Probier Pixel Art-Kamera aus, um deine eigenen zu erstellen. Funktionen: - Eine tolle Auswahl an Malvorlagen für jeden Geschmack: Mandalas, Muster, Tiere, Vögel, Blumen, Orte, Essen u. v. m.; - Jede Menge ansprechender Bilder: Durchstöbere die täglich aktualisierte Sammlun…

    무료 36.1K 9

    9 사용자
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