Greedy Monkey:Puzzle Game FREE

Greedy Monkey:Puzzle Game FREE

10,000 - 50,000 다운로드

  • Fun and challenging
  • Smooth graphics and controls
  • Only 30 levels
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"Feed the Monkey"

리뷰어 / Oct 18, 2012

Help the banana get to the monkey within the given time

In this new physics game called Greedy Monkey, the objective is to help Jiggy get his banana, the only thing he needs not to starve!

In order to get a three-star rating, you should guide the banana to the monkey as fast as possible. How? Touch the wood and make it disappear in order to make the banana roll towards the monkey. You have sixty seconds that you need to make the most of them and of course, think before you do anything. This first version has one free world with 30 levels and the next ones will unlock the others, just keep playing and be patient.

Casynco Games is the developer of Greedy Monkey, a fun puzzle game with a nice physic-based gameplay touch that makes it really addictive. The first few levels are kind of simple but it gets pretty hard afterwards... will you be able to make the monkey happy in 60 seconds?

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Great top new FREE puzzle game! Relaxing game where you must figure out the puzzle to feed the monkey his banana. A simple, free, fun, and highly addictive game. Tons of puzzles to complete. Try to get as many stars as possible in each puzzle.

"4/5 Great Game! Fun and challenging,Smooth graphics and controls" -

" If you are looking for a great simple puzzle game to spend some time playing, Angry Monkey shouldn't be ignored. - Editor's Pick from"

"New Game “Greedy Monkey” Now Available!" -


Greedy Monkey is a physics puzzle game were you must help jiggy the monkey get his lucky Banana! Think Fast! ツ

Looking for a fun addictive puzzle game?

Jiggy is starving and the only thing he wants is his lucky banana.

Help Jiggy get his banana by figuring out the puzzle to guide his banana to him! Try to get the banana to jiggy within a certain time to get 3 stars!

★★★ Features ★★★

✔ Can you beat each level in a certain time to get 3 stars?!
✔ Challenging physics gameplay
✔ Version 1.0 releases with 1 beautiful world and 30 unique levels.
✔ More worlds coming soon
✔ 60 seconds to complete each level
✔ Easy to plan for all ages!
✔ Physics Powered By Box2d
✔ Game powered by AndEngine

이 버전에서 최근 변경됐습니다.

- New Menu Layout
- New Features
- Minor bug fixes

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