• Animalia



    36 cries of animals to discover, to use as ringtones, to try with your children or just to make jokes ... Farm animals, exotic animals, marine animals, they are all presented with beautiful images. Try them now! A great application for all the family. Free ad supported application.

  • Geek Quiz 1



    Do you want to know how much Geek you are ? Well try this quiz, first a of series of fun quiz where you can compare you score with other people. Have fun. Permissions are used for the ad system, not for malware purpose. Enjoy !

  • MobiDuck



    Looking for a gift for your girlfriend or yourself? This vibrating duck is just what you need for a little discreet massage. Ideal for any sudden urge at the office. Just touch it once and you will love it forever. 3 different vibrations available to maximize pleasure. ** For Adults Only! :-) **

  • I Love You Sounds.



    Do you know how to say I love You in French or in Chinese ? A must have application for nowadays international relationships. Try it and fall in love and "Je t'aime" of course !

  • TrafficJam



    TrafficJam is a funny app to surprise your colleague in the office or make your friends laugh. Everyone knows already the fart and burp, this app give you a chance to be creative. It’s fun and easy to use, you press any icon and can get the real noise of most of the vehicules you see on the...

  • Sea Animals



    Tired of burping and farting? try Sea Animals. This is a funny way to play with amazing sea creatures! Hear whales, dolphins, penguins and walrus... A silly fun App to make everyone laugh. A must have for you and your kids. Try as well FarmAnimals and JungleAnimals, for free on the Android Market.

  • AndroWall



    Free background images for your Android Phone. While other background apps offer a limited number of wallpapers, Androwall allows you to search the entire Flickr database with a single keyword. Features : # Millions of background images for free # Search Flickr images database # Use any word...

  • Fly Hunter



    New Version ! More flies ! Kill'em all, flies that is...kill annoying flies by crushing them to a bloody death with the touch of your finger. Hunt them in different exotic places like jungle, beach or desert and try to kill them all. Ideal for kids or adults.

  • Weapons Sounds



    AK47 rifles, machine guns, pistols, full scale war on your android phone. Scare your friends with these real life sounds and enjoy the thrill of the battle at home or in the office. Remember this is just for fun. Make Love not war.

  • Laugh Sounds



    Do you know that laughing makes you live longer? With this app you will make you and people around you happy. Laughing is the best medecine for your heart and also an excellent antistress management at the office. A must have!

  • Mozart Sounds



    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791), was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. He composed over six hundred works, many acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, concertante, chamber, piano, operatic, and choral music. He is among the most enduringly...

  • Boats Sounds



    A new exciting app with authentic sounds made by boats. Submarines, cargos ships, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, sonars, fishing vessel, try them all! It's free

  • Easter Sounds



    Happy Easter ! Eggs, Bells and chocolates. Easter time always sounds happiness and we wanted to bring some joy in your android phone. A must have application for Easter. Enjoy with your kids, friends and family !

  • Jungle Animals



    No need to go to Africa, South America or somewhere in Asia to feel the jungle... Try Jungle Animals. This is a funny way to play with amazing jungle creatures! Hear tigers, elephants, crocodiles and parrots... A must have for you and your kids. Try as well FarmAnimals and SeaAnimals, for free...

  • A Sounds



    Meet Android bunny and its Android Sounds with this funny application. He knows farting, yelling, burping and doing and some other weird sounds... Android bunny is so silly but you and your friends are going to like him!

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