Junk File Cleaner

Junk File Cleaner

10,000 - 50,000 다운로드

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Does your Android Mobile run slower than ever? Clean the clutter to speed it up!

Like any machine, your mobile needs regular maintenance to remain effective. As you use your mobile it collects many different types of files which quickly become obsolete. This collection of files grows quickly each time you use your computer. This causes your computer to become increasingly sluggish.

Junk File Cleaner allows you to regain your disk space and performance. This simple tool cleans the clutter with ease. The program deletes only the types of files you select.

The effects will be noticed with Internet browsing, application launching and other areas including available disk space.

* Cleans unnecessary files which waste space on your SD card drive

* Choose from different categories of file types to delete

* Deletes temporary installation files, various log files, browser files

* Fully customizable

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