History Clear Master 一键清除历史痕迹

History Clear Master 一键清除历史痕迹

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来电记录、浏览器浏览历史、搜索历史、Google地图搜索历史、Android Market搜索遗漏了很多的浏览记录,怎样才能方便地去除?

Very easy to use and powerful tool for cleaning traces of history:
It can clear
-All the call(incoming,outgoing,missing) records,
-Android market search history
-Google Map search history,
-Browsing search history
-Gmail search history
-more clear feature is coming soon.
just by one key!

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Add cleaning gtalk search history.

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크게 보기 - History Clear Master 一键清除历史痕迹의 Android 스크린샷
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