Gordian Secret Code Tool (Pro)

Gordian Secret Code Tool (Pro)

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The ultimate app for cryptographers!

Gordian lets you make your own secret codes by using a combination of different codes and ciphers. You can use these codes to send secret emails and text messages to your friends, or to keep your own information safe from prying eyes.

Gordian currently lets you mix and match the following codes:
+ Atbash Cipher
+ Base64
+ Binary
+ Caesar Cipher
+ Hexadecimal
+ Keyword Cipher
+ Morse Code
+ Reverse Code
+ Transposition
+ Vigenere Cipher

By combining multiple codes together, you can create extremely strong codes that are very difficult for even the experts to crack!

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Fixed a problem with Gordian Pro falsely reporting that the free version was not installed.

New and improved for Ice Cream Sandwich!

Gordian now also includes a Codebook of all of the codes. Now you can learn exactly how each code works, and how to use it effectively!

Gordian now also includes a Frequency Analysis tool. This tool is helpful for decoding cryptograms such as those found in newspapers and magazines and geocaches.

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