Drive Mount

Drive Mount

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크게 보기 - Drive Mount의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Drive Mount의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Drive Mount의 Android 스크린샷
*Requires Root and Busybox*

Do you have a sdcard, thumbdrive or external harddrive that is formatted in something other than Fat32? Or just want large file support? Well this app is here to help.

* Multi-format mounting and unmounting
* Supports SDCards, Thumbdrives and External USB drives
* Auto mount on boot (handy for SDCards)
* Trigger Honeycomb Media Scan for Music and Gallery compatibility

Compatible file formats
* Ext2, Ext3, Ext4
* Fat32, Fat16

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Moved all commands over to busybox to work around kernel incompatibilities.

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