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크게 보기 - TweetTevi의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - TweetTevi의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - TweetTevi의 Android 스크린샷
Have you ever felt attracted to someone and you lost the chance to say?

Tweettevi is a platform for twitter which enables you to contact wich unknown person why you feel attracted on the subway, on the street or in a club and you not had time or opportunity to meet.

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More info:

Getting Started:

★ If you are a Twitter user
Become a follower of @tweettevi and sent from your twitter a direct message (DM) with the tweet you want to publish.

★ If you aren´t a Twitter user
You can send your messages from the app indicating your email where you want receive the answers.

★ How to put a tweet
Send a message to the tweet you want to publish. tweettevi publish your message along with a code, while maintaining your anonymity. If someone responds to tweet you send the message with the details of the person to contact them.

★ How to reply to a tweet
Have you identified yourself on a tweet? Send a message with the tweet code at the end of the message where you have identified. tweettevi send your message with your information contact to the person who wrote the tweet.

★ Reload tweets
To update tweets list press the refresh option on the menu.

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