Reward My Chore

Reward My Chore

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Add a child. Add some chores. Add some rewards. Give your child a thumbs up or thumbs down for their behavior. Bank your child's rewards and redeem them for activities/rewards of your choosing.

Reward My Chore Android app is a free app that provides you with the tools to teach your children the value of good behavior.

RMC allows you to add as many children as you want, manage chores/activities that children should be completing, and manage the rewards that each child can cash in.

RMC uses a very simple "thumbs up" "thumbs down" system. Each day your child has tasks that they must complete (homework, daily chore, brush teeth, be nice to siblings, whatever activity you define). As your child exhibits positive results they begin to accumulate points that can be banked into their rewards account and spent on any number of user-defined activities such as watching tv, date with mom/dad, skip a day of chores, or cash. There is no limit to the behaviors you may want to monitor and no limit to the types of rewards you would like to provide for your childrens' positive behavior

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Fixed scrolling issue with chores when giving thumbs up/down

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    by Troels 날짜 02/08/2012

    Cannot set differennt values for Clearing of the plate and moving the entire lawn, and only 1 completion of chore per day(so if "help dad" is one, then there need to be "help dad 1,2,3,4") It really is next to useless