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Mobo Technology News

Mobo Technology News

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Latest technology news from across the world in the first FREE android app for tech news with over 200 high quality sources. Get top technology developments streamed to your smart phone & Tablets. All about gadgets, computers, wireless, security, green tech, laptops, software, innovation, mobiles, gaming, social media, product reviews, hardware, trends, networking, operating systems, maps, business of consumer tech. Breaking updates with insightful analysis from leading websites like Mashable, Read Write Web, Cnet, GigaOm, TechCrunch, GoMo, Gizmodo, SlashDot, Information Week, Wired, Scientific American, TechRepublic, EnGadget, Smart Planet, Popular Science, PC Mag, All Facebook; leading news sites like Reuters, BBC, New York Times, MSNBC; niche blogs/forums like All Things D, Scobleizer, Technologizer, Tom's Hardware, Pogue posts, and plenty more!
Follow hundreds of world's best & passionate tech editors, columnists, bloggers, geeks, game developers
* Reply and talk to them using facebook, twitter
* Share posts and opinion of breaking stories with your facebook and twitter followers
* Real time widget with rich picture gallery of latest tech gadgets/ headlines/ games
* Read in offline mode
* Search all news and social media updates
* Range of customizations-text size,notifications,update frequency etc.
* Create own news channel or select a bundle of sources on specific topic/category (like all about Facebook, Twitter, WWW, Green Tech, Mobiles, Android, Computers, Microsoft, Google, Best of tech news, Tips/Hacks etc.)

Technology note pad for most up-to-date, unbiased reviews/ recommendations/ videos/ headlines/ tips/ hacks/ how to/ gossips/ stories/ rumors of mobile applications, tablets, Macintosh Office, Nokia, Android Gingerbread, latest gadget models, Microsoft Windows, electronics, storage, servers, digital camera, music audio MP3 players, skype, mail apps, software, notebook, browser, hardware, cellphone, lcd, television, playbook blackberry, desktops-check, web cams, compare latest prices to help and support your gadget purchases and shopping.
Get whats cooking & leg up on iPhone, Apple iPad, Android phones Droid, HTC Evo, Hero, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Experia, Optimus, Desire, browsers-Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360 Kinect, playstation PS3, CES, HDTV's, wordpress addons. Track latest game updates, trailers, gameplay videos, guides, cheat sheets, wallpapers, screenshots of best selling most downloaded games like WOW, NFL Football, FIFA, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, Halo, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, Angry Birds. Free download of info about social media /digital media networks of Facebook, Google, Apple, Digg, Twitter, You tube, social games, social media marketing, advertising, web culture, Internet...there something for everyone.
Top News articles on global warming, agriculture, nanotechnology, astronomy, stars, biology, human body, calories, maths, physics, chemistry, environment, engineering, health/ fitness/ databases, hard-drive, computer memory, IT careers, social gaming, data storage, stem cells, open source, fashion gizmos, security alerts, hacker news, tool, cyber war, ethical hacking threads, source code, code-breaking, hacking warnings, trojans, malware, anti virus for mobiles, computer security, encryption, protection of sensitive data & information, complete erasure/delete of data/key, computer viruses, tips n cheats for gamers, video game previews, psychology
Your android charger for green lifestyle. Recharge your battery with news of climate change, disease control, nuclear pollution, solar, renewable energy, viral videos, earth & environmental science, Green Technology, carbon emissions, carbon footprint, Sustainable living, e-Waste, Recycling, Green cars, green gadgets, power consumption meter. Your personal messenger for all things tech, unlock wealth of information for free and increase productivity.

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    by teseo0003 날짜 07/10/2013

    Back several world of information<a href="">technology</a>, so I gave 3 stars for almost all materials are in other languages