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Mozart Musical Dice Game

Mozart Musical Dice Game

500 - 1,000 다운로드

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+ By mr.mistoffelees

Enjoy a random waltz theme following Mozart's Musical Dice Game (Musikalisches Würfelspiel).

Mozart wrote 272 short pieces (bars) of music, 32 of which every time get combined to produce a unique one-minute waltz.

It is guaranteed to be unique: there are approx. 295,147,905,200,000,000,000 possible combinations and to listen to all of them you'll need about 561,544,720,700,000 years. As a comparison, our Universe is only 13,750,000,000 years old, which means you'll need about 40,000 times more time than has elapsed since the Big Bang!

To increase the pleasure from listening, the notation of the waltz is also shown scrolling on screen.

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Initial release.

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크게 보기 - Mozart Musical Dice Game의 Android 스크린샷
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