ClefTutor - Music Notes Game

ClefTutor - Music Notes Game

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Do you want to learn how to read music, identify music notes, memorize every key signature, and study music theory? ClefTutor is for you! Developed by a music teacher veteran, ClefTutor is an interactive quiz game designed to teach you musical notes on the staff, key signatures and music theory. Practice your sight reading and study music theory anywhere you are!

Is ClefTutor for me?
If you are a musician, yes!
• ALL MUSIC INSTRUMENTS including piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, violin, viola, cello, flute and anything else.
• ALL LEVELS of musicians from BEGINNER to PRO. Whether you don't know what a sharp or flat music note is, or you want to practice identifying the scale degrees of F# major on any clef, ClefTutor can teach and quiz you on it.
• ClefTutor was specifically designed to give music students YEARS of practice and study.

If you want a fun but serious music game to learn how to read sheet music, ClefTutor is the music note reading app you need.

• Easy-to-understand music theory lessons written by a music teacher.
• Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor clefs covering all instruments.
• Supports note names, solfège (movable and fixed) and scale degrees.
• Improves your musical memory, speed and accuracy.
• Memorize the notes on the staff in all keys and common clefs. 31 Clef Quiz levels.
• Memorize ALL 30 major and minor key signatures. 14 Key Signature Quiz levels.
• Answer with buttons, a one-octave keyboard, or an 88-key piano.
• Random clefs and key signatures.
• Master the ledger lines. Custom ledger line settings.
• Custom options let you choose any combination of clefs, note ranges and more.
• Save settings and statistics for up to 4 users.
• Track practice time and progress with statistics.
• Designed for phones and tablets.

This app works with Adobe Air (a free app probably already on your device).

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2.0.4 - Fixed: Key quizzes getting stuck in 12-Key mode
2.0.3 - Fixed: User setting 'piano only (no note names)' option was not saving
2.0.0 - New 88-Key Keyboard input especially for larger screens. Requires answers in the correct octave.
- User can now set the number of questions per quiz.
- Removed unneeded permissions read phone state and Identity

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