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AntennaPod is an open-source podcast manager for Android 2.3.3 and above. It offers all the basic features you expect from a podcatcher, like streaming and downloading episodes, refreshing all feeds automatically or adding them to a queue to listen to them later. Moreover, AntennaPod lets you flattr podcasts and episodes from within the app.

So far the following features are implemented:

* Downloading and Streaming of episodes
* Variable speed playback (requires Presto Sound Library or Prestissimo)
* Support for Atom and RSS feeds
* Support for password-protected feeds and episodes
* Support for searching iTunes listings
* OPML import and export
* Flattr integration including automatic flattring
* Player homescreen widget
* Search
* Automatic feed updates
* Automatic download of new episodes
* Sleep timer
* Access to the podcast directory
* Subscription syncing with the service
* Supports MP3 chapters, VorbisComment chapters and Podlove Simple Chapters
* Supports paged feeds (

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Version 1.1.1
* All Episodes and New Episodes are now both present
* Remembers which activity was last active instead of always going to the Queue
* When adding a podcast the most recent episode is considered 'new'
* Resolved some crashes on some platforms

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