Zeeshanz Step Counter

Zeeshanz Step Counter

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This app converts your Android device into a pedometer, i.e. a device which calculates steps as you walk, jog or sprint. On top of it, it calculates the distance you have covered, and based on certain formulas it calculates an approximate number of calories burnt.

The app also includes a wonderful and unique 'Auto Tune' feature to assist you fine tune the app settings to detect steps.

This app is great for those who jog or walk in a routine. Just put it on, and it'll start tracking number of steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt. Other than that, you can use it to keep track of number of steps taken in a day to keep an eye on how much you walk in any given day.

Just make sure to place your phone either in a pocket of your pants, or in a holder around your waist. If you place it in your shirt pocket, it'll not be able to correctly count your steps.

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Fixed various bugs which were causing the app to crash.

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