UR Fitness 2

UR Fitness 2

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Full Version “UR Fitness Two” Get the New Year Started Right"

Want to be your "OWN" Personal Trainer?

Well this is the fitness app for you. We all know that everyone's fitness is different, so here is where you can design your workout to build and target UR Fitness.

You go out and look for somebody to tell you what to do and how to do it, but then you stop doing it because it didn't work for you; it was too much for you, you got bored, etc. Well this is your chance to be able to get UR Fitness the way you want it.

Natasha Nicole, USA Long Jumper, will give you exercises to review, some you have seen before and others may be new, an explanation of how they will benefit you, recommended time frame for doing each exercise, health and fitness tips, and a blog of her quest for the 2012 Olympics in London.

All you have to do is select the exercises that you would like to do, put them in the order you would want to do them and the set the timer for each exercise. Keep track of your workouts. Once you have done that you have just became a personal trainer for “UR Fitness”. All you need in addition is a timer, your body, and mind. Now let’s move pass your comfort zone into “UR Fitness”.

This is the Full Version of the already available UR Fitness 1, which was just the beginning. With about 50 exercises, fitness tips, 2012 Olympic Blog, direct contact to Natasha and much more...this “UR Fitness Two” Full Version should be yours to download.

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