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Ghost Night Cam Lite

Ghost Night Cam Lite

100,000 - 500,000 다운로드

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크게 보기 - Ghost Night Cam Lite의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Ghost Night Cam Lite의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Ghost Night Cam Lite의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Ghost Night Cam Lite의 Android 스크린샷
Thanks David for your testimony. VIDEO
From what we have been told, David and his friend were attracted by strange noises near a country house, approached and using the application have been witnessing a sighting, would seem like a small humanoid, l 'needle detector of electromagnetic waves rose abruptly and looked around they managed to save the little creature. Maybe an alien.

--- The application requires a phone with more memory and speed in the calculations, preferably dual core ---
Try the lite version, if it works, your device will be compatible to the full version.
The application uses the hardware of your device, so compatibility is tested on:
##Lg P990 Dual## >> OK
Therefore, the application will use at your own risk!
Help us to improve the application, communicating to your device compatibility... Thanks

Identifies and captures the entities automatically and without the presence of an operator or as in the film "Paranormal Activity" put in control of your bedroom while you sleep.

Application for the detection of the supernatural guided with the aid of the camera and effects that help the detection.
As in the "EVP Voices", is due to the detection of mobile sensors that detect a change in the natural parameters, such as magnetism, vibrations and sound after being processed by the owner, if corresponding to a predetermined set of parameters , photo-scanning starts.

Leaving the application running during the night, with the phone pointing to an area of ​​your home, (an area that frightens you more) if the device detects changes of parameters, silently triggered a series of photo-scans (10) with flash and visualizations that will help you determine if there are anomalies in the images.

Another shooting mode is manual, using the "Camera" button takes you directly to the photo-scan screen, from here you can take yourself. From the button "Photo List" you can see all the photo-scanning is done automatically, or manual, delete or email the most important ones!

(* Automatic mode)

1. Set the three parameters (sensitivity, accuracy and finishing line)
-Finishing Line indicates the area where the pointer must arrive in order to initiate the photo-automatic scans.

2. Activate the three buttons
3. Move, controlling the pointer.
4. If you introduce changes to environmental values​​, will be taken 10 photo-scans.
(** After scans)

5. Click on Photo-list to examine the photo-scans
6. Click on the list
7. Scroll through the images (long click to send)
(** Manual mode)

8. Click on one of the effects top the pendulum
9. Click the "Camera"
10. Take the photo-scans
11. To view the photos run from point 5
(** Timer mode)

12. Click Set Timer
13. Insert a later time and press the "set"
14. At the set time will start the photo-scans
15. To view the photos run from point 5
(** LED ON / OFF)
- Sets if the photo-scans must be performed with or without flash (for devices with LED-flash)
(** Crosshairs)
- If turned on, you will see the crosshairs in the manual mode (in the preview option is always active)

1.2 Fixed bug
1.5 Fixed more bugs - updated algorithm sensors

Do not expect to find ghosts everywhere and always, if you are in the right place at the right time, it will mark the pendulum moving in the red zone, or oscillate between the green and gialla.Se six emotional or not you believe in the paranormal do not download this application and still take it as a game ...

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    by sexycatfight 날짜 03/08/2011

    This would have been an interesting little app, if only it had worked.. :(