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Trigonometric Calculator

Trigonometric Calculator

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This free app is a math calculator, which calculates the values for the most important trigonometric functions, like: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent.

Best math tool for school and college! If you are a student, it will helps you to learn geometry!

Note: Trigonometric functions are used for computing unknown lengths and angles in triangles (in navigation, engineering and physics). A common use in elementary physics is resolving a vector into Cartesian coordinates. The sine and cosine functions are also commonly used to model periodic function phenomena such as sound and light waves, the position and velocity of harmonic oscillators.

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크게 보기 - Trigonometric Calculator의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Trigonometric Calculator의 Android 스크린샷
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