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크게 보기 - Fireside Talk의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Fireside Talk의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Fireside Talk의 Android 스크린샷
크게 보기 - Fireside Talk의 Android 스크린샷
A native Android client for Campfire with real-time push notifications. Campfire is a team collaboration tools provided by 37signals.

Fireside Talk provides easy and intuitive UI for you your chats. You can talk and listen to room conversations with Fireside Talk application.

Client will give you notifications about new messages even when the application is not running in an efficient manner that will not drone your battery.

There is also access to older messages through transcripts. Uploaded images are displayed in messages view as well as it shows images for image links posted to the chat (showing the thumbnail to save your data and make it responsive). You can also share images from your phone or tablet and post them to Campfire using Share button that integrates with Fireside Talk application. In addition to that it supports emoticons in your chat. Just type ':smile:' or :thumbsup: to use them.

Shorcuts to rooms can be added to launcher.

Wide range of devices is supported as it runs on devices with Android 2.2+. It works on both phones and tablets. The application is not displaying ads.

More features are planned.

The names of Campfire® and 37signals are registered trademarks of 37signals, LLC. Fireside Talk is in no way affiliated with 37signals.

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이 버전에서 최근 변경됐습니다.

Reduced application size, bugfixes (1.12)
Displays emoticons (1.11)
UI changes to use available space more effectively (1.11)
Show images for posted image links (1.10)
Share images from you device (1.10)

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