Bayer Weed Spotter

Bayer Weed Spotter

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+ By Bayer CropScience UK Ltd

Based on the extremely popular Bayer CropScience weed guide, the weed spotter app takes weed identification in UK arable and vegetable crops one step further, by allowing users to make accurate identification using a unique interactive filtering system. The app has colour photos of nearly 100 common grass and broad-leaved weeds found in commercial crops.

Grass-weeds can be identified through following a simple question and answer menu identifying one or more of the following features:
- whether leaves are rolled or folded in the stem
- whether rhizomesor stolons are present
- whether auricles are present
- the ligule length

Similarly, broad-leaved weeds can be identified by pinpointing one or more of the following features:
- cotyledon shape
- true leaf shape
- and flower colour

Alternatively users can browse by growth stage, comparing weeds just after emergence or at flowering, or by searching for weeds in the A-Z menu.

For each weed, extensive further information describes:
- general look of the weed
- ligule shape and size
- whether auricles are present
- the leaf blade characteristics
- and the weed's importance

To make sure your version has the latest information click "update content" from the "More" menu.

Further information can be found on our website at or by ringing the Bayer Assist technical helpline on 0845 6092266 or 01223 226644.

This app contains data for UK market only.

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