Scientific Names

Scientific Names

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The great thing about scientific names is that every plant and animal has a unique name that means people all over the world can talk about the exact same species but a common name can be vague and confusing.

Scientific names App helps find both the common and scientific name for most common animals and almost every plant and tree. We hope you enjoy using this App to find the scientific name of animal, plant and tree you are looking for. Learning the scientific name can be very useful.

Animal names DB consists of 450+ records
Plant names DB consists of 3630+ records
Tree names DB consists of 463+ records
Snake names DB consists of 154+ records
Shark names DB consists of 201+ records
Spider names DB consists of 180+ records

A total of 4200+ records. Taxonomy

Note: Needs internet connection to view images of species.
Please report any problems. Would love to resolve any bugs.

Written in Jquery mobile with PhoneGap framework.

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