Fire Rescue Canada 2012

Fire Rescue Canada 2012

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One of CAFC's most important activities of the year is its annual conference, Fire-Rescue Canada. This annual, four-day event attracts leading authorities and vendors from all sectors of the Fire & Emergency Services community. Fire-Rescue Canada provides technical and educational seminars allowing members of the fire-rescue community an opportunity to increase their knowledge of the fire and emergency service through attendance and workshop participation.

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Ashes to Innovation, is a very timely and fitting conference theme for St. John’s, one of the oldest city’s in North America. Like many other major cities across North America, St. John’s was once burnt to the ground, it happened during the “great fire of 1892”. Focusing on innovative ways and measures to build on the past, the St. John’s Regional Fire Department is proud to have become the progressive and modern fire department that it is today.

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