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+ By Business Risks International (Technology) Pty Ltd

WiComply provides smarter risk compliance through intuitive Operation, Incident, Compliance, Response and Location management communication. With 360-degree connection and 365-day protection, WiComply enables you to capture, report, manage and communicate vital data, ensuring intelligent, risk-free operations anytime, anywhere and from any device.

WiComply’s Android App simplifies your responses to any type of event, reducing the time, cost and complexity of capturing, informing, managing and reporting on events in real-time.

This App enables you to fulfill the following functions:

1. Capture incident, compliance, response and operation information on location in real time.
2. Collaborate with team members on all submissions.
3. Respond to and create update requests.
4. Review all submissions from your team.
5. Control data collection based on security and location permissions.
6. Respond to duress situations.
7. View and share documents and other files.
8. Instantly receive alert notifications with email, sms, phone and native applications.
9. Locate, track and monitor team members, vehicles, assets and submission data.
10. Receive location aware information and instructions based on established geofence rules.
11. Lookup procedures, guidelines and instructions to critical functions or events, record vital information and send critical data to offsite personnel

이 버전에서 최근 변경됐습니다.

1. UI changes (Location module is shifted to tab menu)
2. Bug fixes.

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