Water - Like the real thing!!

Water - Like the real thing!!

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◆◇◆ kids free educational apps ◆◇◆

Let's play this app with your kids?

The "Water" app, through the water colorful to the movement, such as the real water, it is a kids educational app free to nurture a rich imagination!

◆◇◆ How to play ◆◇◆

▽ Touch the water flowing!!

If you touch the water flowing, it scattering to popping.

▽ Let's make the water!!

By pressing the button on the second from the right, a water flow automatically or a water flow manually, you can switch. Automatically when a hand mark is displayed, manually when the water mark is displayed, you can flow the water.

If you are a water flow manually, when sliding the finger by touching the screen, you will fall water is made​​.

▽ Let's switch the stage!!

By pressing the button on the far right, you can switch the stage. Stage that are available are the following.

- Water flows like a waterfall
- Water falls like rain
- Water such as the figure falls

There are three types, it will switch to random.

▽ Let's tilting the device!!

This app will detect the tilt of the device. Tilt around the device, let's observe the movement of the flow of the water!

▽ Try to remove the water!!

By pressing the button on the second from the left, all the water that is displayed on the screen, you can erase.

◆◇◆ Review ◆◇◆

Opinions as a parent, such as opinions and requests from children, By all means, please tell us by in review!!

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