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Waste No Food

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Waste No Food is a registered nonprofit that provides a web-based "marketplace" allowing excess food to be donated from the food service industry to qualified charities that work with the needy. One-third of all food is wasted, from farms, restaurants and grocery stores. Yet there has been no efficient way for groups that have excess food to donate to the millions of hungry Californians and Americans. Waste No Food is that medium. Donors who wish to donate their excess food can sign up and post excess food as it becomes available. Qualified charities in the vicinity of the donors who have been vetted by Waste No Food, can claim the food. The charities are responsible for transportation and food handling.

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Provided an option to designate charities for donation.

1) Donation range has modified to 100 miles from 40 miles.
2) Proximity range in settings is now user specific.
3) Updated the Terms and Conditions.
4) Few bug fixes.

V 2.1.4
- Minor Changes
- Bug fixes

V 2.1
- Minor Fixes.

V 2.0
- Native Implementation.
- Improved UI.
- Push Notification.
- Ability to upload food image.

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