Vietnamese English Translator

Vietnamese English Translator

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Vietnamese English Translator app is able to translate words, sentences and texts from English to Vietnamese, and from Vietnamese to English. Very easy to use with Fast and Accurate Translations. Vietnamese to English Translator can be used like a dictionary too.

Vietnamese English Translator app comes with text to speech feature so that you can learn English pronunciation, easily.

If you are a student, traveler, language enthusiast, explorer or someone who wants to learn Vietnamese, then this is the best app for you.

Vietnamese to English Translator is your buddy and your best travel companion.

Interesting facts about Vietnamese:
Vietnamese Listeni/ˌviɛtnəˈmiːz/ (tiếng Việt) is the national, official language of Vietnam. It is the native language of Vietnamese people (Kinh), and of about three million Vietnamese residing elsewhere. It also is spoken as a first or second language by many ethnic minorities of Vietnam.

It is part of the Austroasiatic language family of which it has, by far, the most speakers (several times that of the other Austroasiatic languages combined). Vietnamese vocabulary has borrowings from Chinese, and it formerly used a modified set of Chinese characters called chữ nôm given vernacular pronunciation. The Vietnamese alphabet (quốc ngữ) in use today is a Latin alphabet with additional diacritics for tones, and certain letters.

This application uses third party translation services, and doesn't cover any warranty and/or guarantee. By downloading the app, you agree not to hold developer responsible for any loss, express or implied, including any warranties of accuracy, reliability, and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement and that you download this app at your own risk.

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- Translate Vietnamese words and sentence to English
- Translate English words and sentences to Vietnamese
- Pronunciation of words and sentences (Audio, Speech)
- Vietnamese English Dictionary, Word Meanings
- Now you can copy the translated text and paste in other apps.
- Very simple user interface - Translation, Word Meaning and Pronunciation are as easy as simple click

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