TrackFit GPS Fitness Trainer

TrackFit GPS Fitness Trainer

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TrackFit is the best fitness-app for everyone who searches for a clear and reliable GPS-tracker for documenting his workouts.

Record your fitness-training with TrackFit and analyse your performance and personal training-progress.

TrackFit uses the GPS and the sensors of your smartphone to record sports and fitness-activities like running, jogging, bicycling or snowboarding.
Analyze your results after the workout using statistics and diagrams and use the app to motivate yourself!

TrackFit is simple and has a clear and well structured user-interface.

* Record your workouts live using GPS
* AutoPause: The recording pauses automatically if you don´t move
* Personal training-diary: Statistics and graphs
* Calendar: Keep track of your workouts and plan the next ones
* Add workouts manually (distance- and non-distance-disciplines) and complete your training-diary
* Workout-statistics: Distance, speed, time and burnt calories
* Detailed representation of your position and route on the map (GoogleMaps)
* Diagrams: Speed, Altitude and Workout-sections
* Fitness-statistics: Monthly and Weekly comparision
* Voice-messages: Distance and Pace

TrackFit is 100% free and shows no advertisements.
Your data stays on your device only.

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* Configurable voice-messages
* Monthly and weekly statistics
* New diagram: average speed on the sections
* Activity added: Mountainbiking

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