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Solarstats is a simple and open app for the evaluation of your solar plant. You can read the meter reading of your photovoltaic plant regularly and store in the app. From the data won so Solarstats prepares different diagrams which give you a beautiful survey of the performance of your solar plant.

* 6 different diagram types for the representation of the performance of your solar plant
* Clear representation of the meter readings
* Import of meter readings from Excel tables
* Adaptable memory function (the meter reading is typed in regularly with that)
* Administration of several solar plants or inverters
* Calculation of efficiency and profit (general survey and respectively for every plant)
* Preparation of PDF files with meter readings and diagrams
* Preparation of Excel tables with meter readings
* Preparation of picture files with diagrams

Explanation of the rights
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, read the contents of your USB storage
Solarstats can export diagrams and meter readings, for this it need to access the device storage.
Full network access, view network connections
Google Analytics is used for the use statistics.
Run at startup
If the device is restarted, the reminder function must be adjusted newly (if it’s active).
Take pictures and videos
To have enough light while reading the meter reading, you can switch on the LED of the device with Solarstats.

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* Bugfix
* Updated e-mail and homepage

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