Pallets Ideas

Pallets Ideas

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Pallets are everywhere, and with the popularity growing it’s easy to want to have some pallet built pieces added to your home.

If you're looking to do a pallet project, this apps is the place for ideas. From repurposing pallets into a lemonade stand to smaller pallet projects such as garden signs, you'll find it all here.


✔ Browse pallets gallery organized by themes or styles (Beds, Sofas, Shelves, TV Stands, Benches, Message Canvas, Tables, etc.).
✔ View pallets designs album.
✔ Download pics to your internal SD card.
✔ Collect the most beautiful pallets in the FAVORITES section.
✔ View high resolution images.
✔ Zoom in image to see all the details.
✔ Auto Play and Stop Mode.
✔ Quickly scroll through individual photos.
✔ Image change with swiping finger.

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