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NPick is an android based mobile application developed for the use of Poultry Bird Lifiting Persons. This application forms a bridge between company website and the actual Hanging scale at the site. Supervisor receives the lifting schedule from website automatically. The app connects to weighing scale over bluetooth and records all the weighments and other parameters. The entire data is then sent to company website, NPICK not only makes the Poultry bird lifting operation smooth but also has all built-in checks for preventing the most common mistakes and fraudulent behaviour. The application supports English and Indian Languages.

이 버전에서 최근 변경됐습니다.

a) The bird pick-up weighment screen now emits low light which minimises the bird disturbance.
b) Application saves the state constantly so that if it crashes during the lifting process, re-start would enable user to continue the operations from a point where it got interrupted
c) Some performance improvements and bug fixes go along in this version

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