My Pet Cat - My World

My Pet Cat - My World

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•This awesome family friendly App start with Animated Menu which make your mode on and make you
further happy when you use it,
•The chubby cheeks, cute face of cats, you can hide/view to scratch.
•Pick the image from your device or camera and play around with your touch.
•Change the size of the draw line.
•Develop your knowledge about cat breed of world famous cats/felines
•Text to Speech functionality in human like voice
•Enjoy the various cat sounds and line draw effect in breed section, kids like it.
•Music starts or stops by shaking device which is fun for kids.
•Participate in a Quiz Game and improve cat breed knowledge interactively.
•Have fun to play cat and ball game which make you addictive in making highest score in specified time.
•Watch some selected cat videos.
•Your pet cat’s photo could be added as part of this app (please send photos by e-mail)
•Be part of exclusive face book page, like & share.
•Your suggestions to improve this App are appreciated (just send by e-mail)

이 버전에서 최근 변경됐습니다.

More Cat images added with save option.
Each time new order of images will be displayed without repeating.
Cat Quiz improved, scores can not be increased unfairly.
Additional features in game.
Other minor changes

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