Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

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Linear Algebra application is a mathematical tool that solves systems of linear equations and performs operations with matrices.


Numerical methods for solving systems of linear equations:

1) Gauss Elimination
2) Gauss Elimination with partial pivoting
3) Factorization LU
4) Factorization Cholesky
5) Jacobi
6) Gauss-Seidel
7) Successive Over Relaxation S.O.R

Operations with matrices:

1) Matrix Addition
2) Matrix Subtraction
3) Matrix Multiplication
4) Divide Matrix with real number
5) Matrix Determinant
6) Matrix Power
7) Matrix Inverse
8) Matrix Transpose
9) Eigenvalues (Calculate real and complex eigenvalues)
10) Norm1 - Norm 2 - Norm infinity
11) Matrix Rank

Easy to use.
Useful for everyone who studies linear systems.
The maximum number of linear equations that is supported is 25.

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