Friends for Kik

Friends for Kik

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Q: What is Kik friends ?
A: It is an app with which you can find new friends from all over the globe and chat with them over Kik messenger.

Q. Can I delete my profile?
A: YES, You can delete or edit your profile once you've registered. .

Q: So, it is a chat messenger?
A: No, it is not a chat messenger. Here you can find Kik ids shared by people, who wants new friends. So you've to invite them on Kik for chatting and messaging.

Q: Can I share my id using this app?
A: Yes, you can share your id with world through this app. Just complete your profile and you're done.

Q: Can I find friends from my country?
A: Yes, it allows you to search friends by country. You can find friends from your own country and state.

Q: What about gender-wise search?
A: Male and female friends are categorized separately. You can add and search them based on your interests.

Q: Can I see user photos before adding them?
A: You can see full user profiles with their pictures. But for that you've to register your profile first.

Q: Is it ad supported?
A: Banner and full page ads are used in app.

P.S.: All of the people pics used in app screens are under Creative Commons free licence. If you find any problems with it please email me.

Have fun, make friends and live your life :)

이 버전에서 최근 변경됐습니다.

- New Crash Fixed.

- Fixed "Invite Me" button for copying id.

- You can Edit Your Profile and Delete Your Profile now.
- You can NOT change pic, will add that functionality soon.
- Increased security to repel inappropriate users.
- Credits system to prevent system abuse.
- All inappropriate users will be removed shortly.

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