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Read Edi.Ermes journals from your mobile or tablet: besides papers, you can find several contents, such as bibliographies, galleries, additional links and videos.
What’s more, take a look to the EdiAcademy Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses catalogue: more than 150 practical courses for physiotherapists, physicians, paramedics and sport technicians (trainers, coaches etc.), masters and advanced educational courses.

Available journals:

-Il Fisioterapista: bimonthly journal for professionals involved in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
-Sport&Medicina: Bimonthly journal in the field of sports medicine, traumatology and sports training.
-pH: a project of the Italian Society of Physiology (Società Italiana di Fisiologia, SIF), is an attempt by Italian physiologists to view their discipline in a broader context. So the topics are about history of science, neurosciences & culture and science & society

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