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+ By Rocaccion S de RL de CV

Climbook is an on-line rock climbing guide that gives you access to factual, updated and very precise info on climbing routes, because every route has been documented by a rock climber who has just climbed it.

Climbook is also a forum where you can enhance the info already provided by sharing photos or text of your personal experience in that route, with the sole purpose of making your contribution really useful for another climber.

The mobile version is meant to be the pocket guidebook for climbers by allowing them to download the contents of the Climbook on-line guide for use without internet connection.

You must be a registered Climbook user in order to access to the app.

This first version for mobile devices allows you to download the contents of for use without internet connection; its only limit is your cell phone’s memory capacity.
The upcoming versions aim to improve our services for climbers. Therefore, your comments will be very helpful for us to upgrade the services we provide, which will include featuring the app in different languages

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*Minor error fixed
*Content search improvements
*Android 5.0 Compatibility

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크게 보기 - Climbook의 Android 스크린샷
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