Beat The Celebrity

Beat The Celebrity

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Beat The Celebrity
There's for sure celebrities you hate so much you would tear their heads off! Beat The Celebrity is a funny celebrity beating makeover game for all haters searching for relief! If you've already tried beating up justin bieber games and celebrity smackdown apps, you know what to do!

HOW TO PLAY: Choose a star and enjoy shooting celebrities! There are so many ways to kill celebrities. What's your favorite one? Make your choice and kick the creeper!

Beat The Celebrity features:
- kick the buddy interface
- great collection of the most annoying celebrities for you
- perfect stress relieving app
- entertaining boxing games knockout

Enough of celebrity kissing! It's time for a big celebrity smash! All celebrity look alike when you beat them and no celebrity doctor can help! So if you're a big fan of justin bieber games and beat the boss apps, you can always let your anger out with our Beat The Celebrity game! Check it out!

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